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April 17, 2010 VS

Not surprisingly, creating a blog for is more complicated and time-consuming that I expected.

Installation with most webhosting is a breeze. I am using fatcow(if you use them, be sure to search for coupons first) for my webhosting . It was a one-click install And if I want to use a template as with, you are ready to go. It is the customization  that is difficult. But i suggest to READ THIS FIRST about security issues first.

**I found that there are better theme choices in – I found one that I am going to use for my blog – Basic-Simplicity. It has a great deal of customization with an easy interface. When I get my new header and customization done, I’ll move my notLoire.blogspot.

I am postponing more wordpress customization study until the study so instead I found a new theme that I like – Vigilence which I have switched to for our blog. It is wider than our old Kubrick and it also lets you pick colors for the links and background. And you can see for the occasion I made a new header. My other disappointment is that it is too different log ins for and so I can’t have everything together if I am using along with my teaching blogs on

For future reading:
Two great resources I found however are: ESSENTIAL READING is this [how to modify WordPress themes the smart way]
AND THEN: How I used a WordPress Child Theme to Redesign my blog

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